World Class Labeling Systems From CTM Labeling Systems


CTM Labeling Systems is a leading US supplier of world class labeling systems. Aside from offering its own line of nifty machines, CTM manufactures the labeling equipment used by Amazon's Fulfillment Centers in North America. This partnership between Amazon and CTM has been mutually beneficial, resulting in millions of products being shipped every day. Not only are the two companies sharing supply chain logistics, but they are also benefiting from a mutually shared inventory.

One of the company's most popular products is the 360a Top Bottom Split Conveyor, a label applicator designed to apply top and bottom labels simultaneously. The machine has a standard speed of 100 feet per minute. Its unique design features two 3-foot long conveyors, each of which is in line to apply the label. This makes it a very flexible and user friendly solution.

Another of CTM's many product offerings is the 3600PA Series Label Printer Applicator. This high-speed thermal transfer labeler is designed to handle pressure sensitive labels. Using its 3600-PA thermal print engine, the machine delivers a highly reliable pick and ship solution. The unit is powered by an ancillary component, the Sato M8460Se thermal print engine.

CTM's most recent product release, the Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator, is a well thought out solution that enables the simultaneous application of pre-printed labels, a feat that would have taken years of manual labor. When coupled with the CTM Dual Applicator Assembly, this streamlined solution integrates into customer's work environments.

CTM also manufactures a wide range of other world class labeling solutions, including the Clamshell, a small footprint system that is perfect for wrapping round products. These systems can be customized to use leading label printers, such as Zebra and Printronix. With a variety of labeling solutions to choose from, there is something for virtually any need, from simple product labeling to complete fulfillment system. So if you're looking for the best print and apply labeling solution, contact the labeling experts at CTM Labeling Systems today. Whether you're in the business of e-Commerce, food processing, or pharmaceuticals, we have the right solutions for your needs. Find out why CTM is the smart choice for your next labeling project. Call us today at (800) 739-7625! Alternatively, visit our website for more information. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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